The Website User Agreements
(The legal agreements to access and use the website)
 Legal Agreement 1  :  The Terms and Conditions to access and use the website
 Legal Agreement 2  :  The Privacy Policy for accessing and using the website
 Legal Agreement 3  :  The Intellectual Property Policy for accessing and using the website
Legal Agreement 4  :  The Disclaimer Notice for accessing and using the website
To access and use this website please read and accept the Website User Agreements.
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The Terms and Conditions to access and use the website
1. The Terms and Conditions for the legal and authorized access and use of the website by the users/visitors.
2. Your access to and use of this Website and/or our associated websites/networks of websites is subject to all applicable National and International laws, rules and regulations.
3. The Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, Service Marks, All License Marks, Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights, Logos, Banners, Contents, Search boxes, Images, Photos, Hyperlinks, URLs, Domain Names, Company Names, email Addresses, Feeds, News, News Links, Report Links, Videos, Video Streaming, Advertisements, Technical Information, Intellectual Property Information, Personal Information, Business Information, Listing Information, All Registration Information, and all other material contents displayed on our site and/or our associated sites/networks of sites are the properties of their respective Owners, and the use of these - including copying, distributing, selling, etc. any information or content - by anyone without the written permission of their respective Owner/s is strictly prohibited. Copying, distributing, selling any information or content of this Website, redirecting traffic and visitors from this website using software or by any method, etc. are strictly prohibited. Unauthorized hyper-linking to this website is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized copying, publishing and displaying any content and/or hyperlink information of this website is strictly prohibited.
4. By accessing and/or using this website the user/visitor waives any and all rights and/or claims it may have against this Website, the Domain name and/or its Owners and Employees, Associates, Agents, Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates.
5. A link/hyperlink to another website does not mean that we endorse or accept any responsibility for the content, use, or products and services made available through such website.
6. In no way will we be held responsible or liable for any/all direct, indirect or other consequential damages or losses for any use of this website, or any other linked/hyper-linked web site/network of websites.
7. The links to Stock quotes website/s for quotes are provided for informational purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. We shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or delays in the quotes.
8. The links/hyper-links to various websites for purchases, registrations of memberships, subscriptions, domain registrations, etc. are for mere information purpose only. Neither we are responsible nor we guarantee anything on these matters and you will be at your own sole risk and responsibility in all these matters in case you interact with or use these links/hyper-links.
9.The user/visitor is responsible to evaluate the genuiness, the correctness, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness or validity of any opinion, advice, information or other content available through this website or any other linked/hyper-linked site.
10. The information and/or content provided on this website or any linked/hyper-linked website may vary and may have incorrectness, inaccuracies or typographical errors, and for which we disclaim any liability.
11. The website, Domain Name, its Owners and Employees, Associates, Affiliates, Advertisers, Publishers or Agents will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for the delay or inability to use the site or a linked/hyper-linked site and also for any/all damages arising out of the use of the website or any linked/hyper-linked website.
12. By accessing and using this website or linked/hyper-linked website, or by visiting any of our website/network of websites, or by otherwise interacting with this website or any of our other websites/network of websites, you accept that you have read and agreed to our Website User Agreements i.e. (1) the Terms and Conditions, (2) the Privacy Policy, (3) the Intellectual Property Policy, and (4) the Disclaimer Notice, etc.
13. Your access and/or use of the website or its associated network of websites or its affiliate websites or its advertising websites confirms that you agree to the aforesaid agreements entirely.
14. We reserve all the rights to change, modify and/or replace in part or whole this Terms & Conditions at any time without notice and it shall be binding on all parties/users/visitors concerned. Any dispute, claim and any other legal matter against this website, the Domain name and its Owners & Employees, Agents, Associates, Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates are subject to the legal Jurisdiction of Courts in Mumbai, India.
15. If you have any question about our Terms & Conditions please contact us.
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The Terms and Conditions
  The Website User Agreements for the legal and authorized access and use of the website: the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy Statement, the Intellectual Property Policy Statement, and the Disclaimer Notice.
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